Latest Update: Google AdSense Announced a New Policy

Google announced a new policy for Google AdSense, Major changes are announced in this update. It is the biggest update from the past 20 years. Google moved from cost-per-click to cost-per-impression. This updated policy has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we discuss the Google AdSense announced a new policy. Also, discuss the pros and cons of this policy.

How was earn money from Google Adsense

First of all, we earn money from Google AdSense by showing ads to users, and then we get some amount in the account of Google AdSense. Out of the money earned, Google gives 68% revenue to the creators and Google itself takes the remaining 32% of revenue.

Latest Update: Google AdSense announced a new policy

Google AdSense announced a new policy:

1. Variation of Structure

Earlier, earned money was divided into two groups which are the creator and Google AdSense. Google provides 68% of the revenue to the creator and the remaining 32% of the revenue to Google Adsense.

However, after the updated policy, the structure of this percentage will change. In this change, revenue is divided into three parts. After generating some income, google takes the first 15% amount of the income as Adsense fees. And the remaining 85% are considered as 100% and then divided into 80% and 20%. 80% revenue for creators and 20% revenue for Google. But this change will not affect your income, because this structural change will give the same percentage amount which is 68%.

For example, you generated 100 rupees in revenue in your Google AdSense account. Google first takes 15% as an AdSense fee. The remaining 85 rupees as considered 100% and then it’s divided into two ratio which is 80% and 20%. You get 68 rupees as a creator, and Google gets 32 rupees for Google AdSense.

2. Google Earning Method

A major change has arisen in Google’s earnings method. As a creator, this change is very important for earning factors. Let’s discuss this update.

How were we making money from Google AdSense?

We are showing ads on the website, for the users to click this ad and then we get some amount of CPC rate money. For that, we show disturbing multiple ads like pop-up ads, side move ads, etc. it does not get a better user experience. Earlier impressions also generated money but is very small amount was generated. For that, google is announce new policy. Now Google will switch from cost-per-click to cost-per-impression. Now Google will provide money through impressions not clicks on ads.

First, we want more clicks for more money, but after changing this policy, it has totally changed. Now we want more traffic for more money. And more traffic means more impressions. Other than Google, there is many industry that shows ads on your website and give money as per impression. It is a standard of industries. And now Google is following this.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Adsense New Policy

Now discuss some advantages and some disadvantages of this new policy. As a creator, we want to know this policy’s benefits as well as Downsides. Let’s understand it.

Latest Update: Google AdSense announced a new policy


Low account ban due to high CTR

It is clear that earlier we wanted more clicks to earn more, so sometimes we used to click on ads on our website. Or our competitor was doing so. Due to this sometimes our Adsense account gets closed. Because in Google it is spam or inappropriate behavior. And because of this, your CTR rate will be higher. Therefore Google bans your AdSense account. But after this policy, this problem will be completely solved because you do not want clicks for revenue. And it is a plus point for a creator.

Ranking increase, due to no pop-up ads

Users come because they want information or services. But we show disturbing ads like… pop-up ads, side move ads, etc. and it is not a good or better experience for the user. For that reason, to enhance the user experience google AdSense announced a new policy. Due to this policy, Google’s ranking will also increase.

Clear idea about your traffic

Now we want clicks for income, but we have no clear idea about our traffic. Sometimes, we generate 10 dollars with 1000 visits but sometimes we are not able to generate even 1 dollar with 1000 visits. For that reason, we do have not any clear idea about our traffic. But now this problem is also solved due to this Google AdSense policy.

Now you generate income as par impressions, it gives a proper idea about 1000 visited to give some dollars. That is why you get an idea about your traffic.

More money with more traffic without clicks

Now that’s another benefit, it is easy to earn more money with high traffic without clicking on ads. Because you are going to generate revenue because of impressions.  You do not need to click on ads that is the reason it is a benefit of this policy. Now these are some advantages of Google AdSense announced a new policy.

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Optimize your site/ Change the website structure

If you are the old creator, you have full knowledge about how to set ads properly for more clicks and you earn more money due to clicking on Ads for that reason, it is a downside for you. Also, this update will change your old experience. To apply the new policy you should optimize your site or Change the website structure.

You want more traffic for more money

Before this update, you did not want large traffic you only wanted more clicks by users. But now in this situation, you depend on more traffic because more traffic gets more impressions.

Loss of advertiser

This downside for the advertiser, because before the policy update, the advertiser was given money for clicks but now only impressions give money. This is a loss for advertisers because when the user clicks the ad, there is a high probability of profiting the advertiser but now it is the low probability to profit the advertiser.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Google AdSense announced a new policy. This article helps to understand this policy. Basically, this new policy is not bad, it will help to make more money. Now this policy is applicable from the New Year 2024. So prepare the websites.

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