Top 6 AdSense Approval Trick for Blogger and WordPress

AdSense Approval Trick for Beginners: If you are visiting this post for AdSense Approval Trick then it means that you already have a blog, or you are planning to start blogging. Blogging is the main source of earning, Google AdSense is a very difficult task to get, and many of us have to face rejection many times from the AdSense team.

What are the reasons for AdSense Approval Rejection and what to do to overcome them? But if you are a beginner and you know what is Google AdSense, and how does it work? Understand this first.

In the post, I will share with you some of the top 6 AdSense Approval tricks, which can help you to get AdSense Approval, and you will understand why your blog is not eligible for AdSense It does not matter whether you have started blogging, be it Blogger or WordPress platform, these AdSense Approval Tricks are the same for both.

Google AdSense Approval be it by boat or manually, your website has to go through all the filters of AdSense for approval. Earlier people used to take AdSense Approval from different accounts with the intention of selling AdSense Approval later and later sold those accounts because Google understood it, there have been many changes in their policies; hence, the present time The Google AdSense approval team takes this approval process very strictly.

Do you know how much AdSense pays for Views or Clicks?

I am sure that if you use these AdSense Approval Tricks then you will never doubt whether you will get Approval or not, or can I get AdSense Approval from Blogger or WordPress? Let us start…

Important things before applying to Google AdSense

There is a lot of curiosity in the people who are new to this field. They do not wait and they want to make income as soon as possible. That is why they apply to Google AdSense without thinking.

Now in such a situation, if Google AdSense rejects their application, then they have to face big problems. Therefore, before applying to Google AdSense, keep these things in mind –

  1. Your website should have 30 quality articles.
  2. There should not be any articles copied from others on the website.
  3. The navigation of the website is correct and good.
  4. The website should be completely mobile-friendly.

If you apply on Google AdSense keeping these things in mind, then Google will never reject your application and will give 100% Approval.

AdSense Approval Trick for Beginners

Now use whatever personal trick I will tell you, I am sure you will never face rejection. Simply put, this is not an AdSense Approval Trick or in reality, there is no such trick. These are some mandatory guidelines that should be followed by your AdSense approval team.

So in this post, I will share all the guidelines that will help you to get quick AdSense approval.

Custom Domain Name

If you are blogging with Blogger, then you definitely have a domain name “.Blogspot.Com“. Such a free domain is good only if you are a beginner and want to write to share ideas and experiences, but this time your aim is to monetize your website, and it should be something other than a free website.

On the other hand, if you have WordPress, then definitely you look for a custom domain, as WordPress does not provide any domain free like Blogger. So in both cases, I suggest you buy a custom domain with well-known extensions like .com, .org, .in, .info, .net, .etc.

Make sure you provide the backend of the domain extensions like .Com, Info, and .Net so that you can get an audience from Worldwide. Never choose a domain like .tk, it affects your SEO ranking, and it seems like some free domain.

So never, forget to buy a custom domain from any domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. Make sure to buy a subscription for at least 1 year and if you are building a blog on WordPress then you need hosting. So buy Hostinger Hosting from which you will get 1 Year of Free Custom Domain.

Therefore, the first thing is to have a custom domain, buy it and replace it with the default domain of BlogSpot or WordPress. It shows positivity on your website.

I hope you understand, and this is the first AdSense approval trick.

Mandatory Pages

Every website should have some mandatory pages; here I am not talking about posts. These same pages describe what your website is all about. Each page should have a link to your homepage, either the top bar or the bottom menu bar.

Let me help you with what type of pages should be.

  • About Us Page to Describe Website

This is the most important part, in which the approver always checks what your website on this page is, and what is the plan and vision for this website. It checks everything.

Try to write at least 350 words and describe all your social networks so that you can get more visibility on your social presence and authority, you can check out my About page for reference.

This page is for the visitor of the website, if any visitor has any questions, if he has any suggestions then he can contact you. In which you have to give your e-mail id or any contact details.

  • Privacy Policy for Use Of Cookies 

This will make your website more original, there is no need to write a single word by hand here. Make a privacy policy page for your blog, and fill in some basic details like email id and website name.

Do not worry, the copied content will not have any effect on your website, as it is not on your post, it is just on the page. You have also read in detail: How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for a Website?

So make sure these three pages should be added to your website.

Optimized Theme

This is the most important and crucial factor for acceptance. There should be one thing in your mind you are not making a lucrative platform but a blog. So, Theme or Template keep in mind that it is not too shiny and dashing.

Must have a simple and clear theme and use a free theme as a beginner, there is no need to invest in a paid theme, and you can easily create your website with a free theme. Make sure your chosen theme is mobile and desktop compatible.

Here are two of the best themes I have used myself.

  • If your website is on this blogger then you have to install the Colored Minima 3 Theme.
  • If on WordPress, install the Blocksy theme.

Colored Minima 3 This theme is a completely free theme, it is also easy to customize for bloggers, and Blocksy is installed on my WordPress website on which you are reading these blogs right now.

Social Media Profiles

The person who is applying for Google AdSense approval must have some social presence on the website. So, you must have a profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest which you can put on your website.

Number of Posts

Every beginner makes the mistake of not publishing quality posts; they just make a website and send it for AdSense approval.

Remember, unless you make the most quality on your website, you will apply AdSense even if you win, your AdSense will not be approved. Each post should contain at least 1500-2000 words.

Keep posting a casual post every 2-5 days; so that it signals to them that, you are a true and genuine contributor. This is the most important point to attract anyone, to create some quality posts on your website.

AdSense Supported Content

This means that the content you publish must be AdSense supported. If this is not the case, then you may have to face a lot of trouble, if you want, you can also read Google’s guidelines before applying AdSense.

According to Google, there are often problems in getting AdSense approval for hacking, illegal activities, pornography, adult content, etc. If there is already published material on another website, you will paste it into your website. And after that, if you want to approve Google AdSense then you are making a big mistake.

Google has always understood the importance of unique content! And whenever you apply for AdSense, it definitely checks whether it is copyrighted content or not. Therefore, keeping this in mind, whatever content you publish in your new blog, a website should not be copyrighted.

Web Hosting with Good Speed 

The most important point is website speed; make sure your website load time is less than 3-5 seconds. Ideally, the website speed should be less than 5 seconds. More time will affect the performance of your website.

So think about the AdSense approver, if they find something that is taking longer than normal time to load, it will have a bad effect on your website and why would they want to advertise their ads on a website where the website is loading?

Read in detail: 5 Actionable Steps to Image Optimization in SEO

Website speed depends on this two-factor, which are hosting and the other is theme. If you have started with Blogger, there is no need to worry about web hosting, but it is important to make the best choice when selecting a theme. Without any doubt, you can use Minima Colored 3 Theme and Free Hestia Theme for WordPress.

But when you are using WordPress then go for Reliable Hosting, where my own website is hosted on Hostinger, due to which the performance of my every website is good.

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Make sure that any domain you have purchased must be more than 30 days old. If you need my pro tip then follow my tips, it is an important Google AdSense Approval Trick.

  • Buy a domain for at least one year.
  • Write at least 30 quality posts.
  • Apply AdSense when your domain is 2 weeks old.

For AdSense approval time; ideally, it is approved within 2-3 weeks. I have tried to share my details with experiences in simple words on Google AdSense Approval Trick for Beginners,

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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