Google ensures Android app developers make quality apps : New rules

It is the most important step toward quality apps on the Google Play Store. Google ensures Android app developers make quality apps. Google wants a new requirement for developers with a newly created personal Play Store console account. Before applying for access to creation, these developers must now test their apps on at least 20 people for at least two weeks.

This new criterion is highlighted in Google’s recent blog post for Android Developers, where the necessity of creating a great user experience and satisfying specific quality criteria is emphasized.

Google ensures Android app developers make quality apps

Changes for present developers

Google said that it understands that developers of various sizes and types have various priorities and that certain developers may take more for verification than others. “Because of this, we allow you to choose your own timeline for when to complete identity verification,” Google stated in a statement. If you do not choose an expiration date before February 29, 2024, we will do it for you.

In the blog post, Google said that developers who frequently use Google Play’s app testing features before publishing create higher-quality applications and games, which may result in higher ratings and more success on Google Play.

The company added that it plans to provide customers with information about when an app will function adversely on their device, which includes phones, huge screens, and wearables.

Important note for Android app developers

There are four main components of Android app quality. High-quality apps and games provide value to users, are pleasurable to use, get the most out of luxury devices, and are safe. Use these principles to create outstanding Android applications that will boost your probability of being listed on Google Play.
Android includes safety features that limit the incidence and severity of application safety issues. The system is constructed in such a way that you can often develop your programs using the default settings and file permissions, eliminating hard security decisions.
The organization recognizes that creating a high-quality app requires time and effort, so this new testing requirement wants to ensure that apps are fully tested before they become available to users.

Google ensures Android app developers make quality apps : New rules

Google’s goal to improve app quality can include a variety of factors, including speed, safety, client experience, and conformance to platform-specific rules.
To ensure compliance and an excellent rating on the Google Play Store, developers are normally suggested to stay informed about any rule changes. For the most up-to-date guidelines and demands, see the official Android developer blog, Google Play Control panel, or other relevant outlets.

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