Which Kind of Websites Make Money – 4 Incredible Ways

Have you always thought about which kind of websites make money? Before this question, you should remember that no matter what the earning source is, you always earn by early planning. 

If you also want to earn online money, then you have come to the right place… in the article, you will know which types of websites are money-making, and where you can earn good money from traffic sources. Before proceeding further, remember that more traffic is more money

Some general types of websites or niche-specific websites are also such, where you can earn a lot of income with less traffic. Let us know…

Niche vs General Types of Websites

The website is divided into two types of categories, the first of which is the general website, which provides you with multiple details in a common domain name.

Which includes various categories like entertainment, technology, sci-fi, etc. Has combinations, where you can publish any type of content.

There are some limited categories on some websites, which is called the General blog. There are also sites in which every category is included, which are news websites.

However, niche websites focus on only one type of category such as technology, entertainment, or any other categories that do not have any content in them.

A niche website can be made sub-niches only. Mobile technology like subcategorized, which can be for its specific and targeted audiences. 

I hope you have known the differences between niche vs general websites. Let us know about the types of websites from which you have to earn.

Which Kind Of Websites Make Money?

You must have understood what the basic types of websites are, but by using some strategies, you can convert your visitors or traffic into money by creating the types of websites below.

We will study the type of each website from which we can generate money and we will know which is such a website, from which high potential traffic can also be generated.

Let us know…

Blogging Website – Write General Content

This blogging was earlier a sharing source in which his ideas, experience, and thoughts were shared, but now it has become the most popular income source.

You can start blogging websites on two platforms, Blogger and WordPress, in which you can start on Blogger with zero investment, and with WordPress, you can start with a small investment, if you are unaware of their differences, then Blogger vs WordPress is the one you can read.

What makes a website successful, its key factor is its key factor of the blogging website, its content in which a certain topic has to be explained.

If you can make a good exclusive guide on a certain topic, then it has a very high chance that your website has come to top ranking in search engines and it is also called search engine optimization.

Big businesses also use a blogging site along with their business website to guide their products and services to customers, which means both blogs and websites are different things, if you don’t know then you should read the blog vs the website.

Being a blogging site, you can earn it in different ways:

  • You can write reviews of sponsored products.
  • You can sell other affiliate products and earn heavy commissions.
  • Monetize blogs with ad networks like AdSense and media.net.
  • Any company for a niche-specific blog – can sell website space for specific product promotion.
  • Sell your own products like podcasts, online courses, e-books, etc.
  • You can take charge of people for guest posts or backlinks on your site.

Above are the main ways of earning from your website and once you have created your blog, then you can set up a new idea to earn money.

Travelers, food &recipes, and fashion can be the best option for blogging as it includes a large-cap audience around the world.

The best part about a blogging website is that you can take traffic from all over the world, which breaks the boundaries of traffic.

If you think of starting a blog website, you should read this article on how to start blogging. The choice is yours, which type of site you want to create; it is important what you are interested in. 

Google AdSense Website

Google AdSense is an advertising network product provided by Google AdWords. Website owners like you and I can apply for these Google AdSense. If your website complies with its policy, you get approval, and then you can serve ads.

You can make money in these two ways: ad impressions and ad click for every ad displayed on the website.

Here, to learn more about AdSense earnings, you need to learn how much money you can earn through AdSense, it will completely depend upon your website traffic, the more traffic you have on your website, the more revenue you can generate.

AdSense ads, you can put in your blogging websites or apply them to a utility tools website such as a free photo editor, online file compress website or free social media thumbnail creator, or any financial calculator website.

You have to have ads placed in the right places on the blog post of your blogging website. As soon as a user visits that post, a visitor can view this ad and sometimes click on it at that time site impression and displayed ads work, revenue is generated and your money is made.

Let us have a free photo editor website and around that tool on the same page, you can put ad code, if the user likes and clicks the ads, your money is also made.

Earnings from AdSense will depend on country-vice traffic if you have traffic from countries like the USA, UK, and CA, which are in the form of cost per click (CPC) and revenue per mile impressions (RPM). That means you can make more money in these countries with low traffic, you may have about $4-6/1000 page views.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is a way to make income by giving promotions on products. Many companies and organizations run affiliate associate programs for their product promotion such as Amazon affiliates. By registering them, if your website is related to their product, then you can also earn by promoting and reviewing their product.

Amazon Affiliate is a platform that allows you to review Amazon products on your website and link a keyword anchor text in your website that refers to the same product on Amazon.

Once visitors click on the link of the product you give when you see or during a product review on your website, navigate directly to the amazon-shopping site.

The best thing with Amazon is that if a visitor buys any products from Amazon in the next 24 hours because he clicks on your website, you get a commission of between 5-8%.

To make an affiliate website, make sure that your website should be this niche-specific, where if it is related to fashion, you have to review the clothing and lifestyle accessories products of Amazon, etc. And show the affiliate link in that review.

There are ways to make money through affiliate websites.

  • If your website is related to how to create website products, you can sell affiliate products like hosting, theme, domain, etc.
  • For any niche related, you will get products from Amazon so link to your post and promote them on your website for maximum earnings start.
  • You can join the affiliate associate program for any new product and promote their products on your websites.

In this, no limit to how much you can earn from this affiliate website, the main factor that makes you successful in affiliate is your targeted audiences so affiliate websites get success only if your site is niche-specific.

If you want more information on Affiliate Programs, you can refer to this: Affiliate Marketing: Complete Guide

Dropshipping Website 

Dropshipping is a business in which you can sell other company products directly through the legal process on your website, how?

This model works in such a way that you can buy one product from another retailer at a low price and sell the same products on your site at a higher price than the cost price purchased.

It is like an e-commerce site, but the interesting thing here is that you do not have to pay a penny for any inventory of products.

Yes, business works well in a way!

Where you have your website which is displayed a list of products and if you have a buy order on your website, you will route the actual seller. That is all.

All this work is now the actual seller, what will be the actual seller will be the shipping buyer, his product package, and its orders are placed through you so you will get a commission for it.

It is a legal business but profit depends on the margin of the product, which you are set up on your website.

How does this Dropshipping website make money?

  • Here you can sell your products, like eCommerce sites the rest, will be your own eCommerce website.
  • You can start your website from Shopify (an e-commerce platform) and link the products of Aliexpress with your website using the Oberlo extension (plugin) to import and sell them.
  • You can set a product price yourself to make a margin of $5-10 for small products and $50-100 for big-ticket products.

The best thing to start Dropshipping business with Aliexpress is that there is a Shopify online store where Shopify is a platform that helps set up an online store easily.

Dropshipping business is an amazing way to make millions of dollars per day, which is widely famous in the USA where $1 products are sold for $10-20.

This is a model where you match potential customers with the right products, where the front face Dropshipping website you but the actual seller is the only one you know.


If you think about online earning then there are thousands of ways to make money, but these four types of websites I mentioned are amazing.

Every kind of website except online tutorials or podcasting websites is possible for beginners and can become millionaires if they follow the right strategy at the right time.

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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