What Does SEO and Types of SEO Techniques

If you are concerned about page ranking, you must have come here looking for SEO or types of SEO techniques. Because it is a major component of Google’s search engine for ranking. This time everyone is making their website to express their views and attract the attention of the users but their main goal is to get the top 10 results on google.

This is because the study states that about 50% of clicks in the top 10 results will go to the first page, 40% of clicks will go to the second page, and the remaining 10% will be distributed to query searches.

If we go through the web search results, about 70% of all the traffic comes from search engines and the remaining 30% comes from different sources. So how do you rank your page in search engines? The answer is SEO. You need SEO for your content to cross, so I will explain everything about SEO.

SEO and Types of SEO Techniques?

SEO is search engine optimization, a process or technique that each content writer or website own companies use to make their web page search engine friendly and easy to access.

These techniques will help your page get organic search results in many competitive results. About 75% of the world’s search traffic comes from Google. So everyone adapts their content according to sorting criteria and tries to get first place.

Suppose you googled “What is a money plant?” Specific questions were discovered. As a result, Google will return results that are perfectly optimized around these keywords.

If you look at a search query on Google, you get about 3,79,00,00,000  results, and only 10 of them appear in the first position.

But why only these 10-page results? The answer is since they are good SEO-friendly, these pages make it easy for Google Jobs to find them quickly.

I hope you have got complete knowledge about SEO but there is still a lot to learn. Before you learn about the types of SEO, do you know how Google search works?

How does Google search work?

As I mentioned earlier, about 75% of organic traffic comes from Google, the most widely used search engine compared to Bing, Yahoo, etc. So if you inquire more about search in Google, check about some parameters to find the best quality content for their users.

No one knows what they are, Google usually has a crawler that visits each webpage and indexes its content by quality, relevance, and other parameters.

Finding high-quality content is not an easy task, as many pages out of millions of results are of good quality, but pages that lag behind one is a very difficult task for Google. So Google has set some criteria for ranking one page higher than the other, and two of them are explained below.

Domain and Page Authorization

The domain and page authorities are DA and PA. This is the number assigned to each site between 1-100, the higher the number of websites.

Theoretically, Google has not officially announced any such parameter, but the company Call MOZ plans to check the quality of each web page or website based on various parameters. So the higher authority will have more opportunities to increase their rank in the search engine.

Google also checks the authenticity and quality of each web page that is close to the same parameters and traces them in the search results.


Backlinks help Google better understand the quality of your page. Backlinks, where multiple websites refer to your web pages for good quality content.

They send a  signal to Google that you are the best option for search queries. Lastly, it’s about sharing the best quality and best search results for Google users, so your page will be really credible if a highly authoritative site points to your site for some reason.

I hope you understand how Google works and what factors are important to Google to get your page back. So let’s learn the types of SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

Search engine optimization is categorized into two types, both the most important and the only way to get your webpage back. In terms of Google search rankings, each page of your website will be considered a different valuation point.

That’s why you should make sure to optimize each of your pages around the best-suggested technology to help Google find the most useful ones you are providing. There are two ways to optimize your page for search engine optimization, both of which are known as SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique that will be used to optimize your content around the targeted keywords with each webpage and send some positive signals to the Google algorithm associated with the same search query.

By doing this on-page SEO, you will make your web page easier to read, more accessible to Google, and more able to grab the reader’s attention.

Now the question comes is how to do On-Page SEO.

The answer is 

  • Before writing any content, you need a keyword to target.
  • So first, find a keyword that is less competitive, and easier to rank.
  • Now your webpage should be optimized around this keyword.

As part of on-page SEO, you need to do the following steps properly.

  • Keywords are the heart of your post so always make sure that the title should contain keywords.
  • The meta description should include keywords and help the reader understand. You can also add titles to your content in the description.
  • Webpage URL Structure – The URL of the webpage must contain keywords, neither long nor short.
  • Keyword Density – Your targeted keywords should be added multiple times in your content body.
  • Make sure to include keywords in the first 150 words of the content body or first paragraph. 
  • Also include keywords in the H1 tag of the content body and one of the header tags for h2, h3, h4, etc.
  • Make sure each image should contain Alt text where add the target keyword.
  • Your content should be associated with multiple posts.
  • Optimize themes in such a way that website speed increases, loading speed depends on your theme structure.

Above are some of the best on-page SEO techniques to be followed before publishing any post.

These techniques are basic that every content writer should use to send a signal to Google that you are writing this content for this specific keyword which you have used in multiple places as mentioned above.

Off-page SEO

Ranking a page in the top 10 search engines is not an easy task and the main factors are improving social signals, building backlinks, and submitting to various directories.

Off-page SEO is about reaching multiple people and compiling their responses which send a positive signal to Google that people like your pages and Google will rank them.

Here are some basic tips for doing off-page SEO.

  • Building backlinks on different pages is the major factor.
  • Submit posts on the search console of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Submit posts to a different directory and social bookmarking pages.
  • Share posts on various social media platforms.
  • Make guest posts and link them to your website page.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your site’s domain authority and page authority, and how to improve organic and referral traffic.

If people start sharing your content on social media, your web traffic will increase and domain rights will improve if Google recognizes your social shares or multiple signals. I hope you have learned about the types of SEO.

These are the main techniques that every SEO expert uses to get more traffic. On-page or off-page SEO is a set of specific techniques that every content writer uses to create legally and illegally.

The technique used by the content writer will affect your search engine ranking. All of these SEOs are classified into three techniques.

SEO Techniques 

As we have learned, in order to rank any page in Google, you need search engine optimization. As part of Seo, you want to use different techniques and these techniques are classified into three types.

White Hat SEO

WH-SEO is a technique that helps your website to grow up slowly. This is the most valid and recommended way to do SEO. This will help your website to increase slowly and the results will appear for a long time and the search ranking will remain the same in the long run.

All on-page and off-page SEO should be guided by Google standards and try to avoid a spammy linking process.

You should optimize your pages based on the rules specified by Google and follow the guidelines defined by the Google algorithm for checking the SERP factor.

  • Create target keywords according to on-page SEO.
  • Build backlinks to highly authoritative websites.
  • Use other rules as defined by Google Guidelines.
  • Avoid filling in keywords in the content.

All this comes under White Hat SEO, keep the above things in mind while doing SEO.

Black Hat SEO

If you are trying to do SEO by finding loopholes in search engine guidelines or attempting to do SEO against the guidelines, it is known as black hat SEO.

By doing this the website will rank for a short time in some cases but when it is caught by the Google algorithm, it will lower your ranking or in some cases, you will be out of SERP results.

These are all non-recommended methods for SEO.

  • Use duplicate or copied content.
  • Use spammy websites to Build backlinks.
  • Use keyword stuffing in a written post.
  • Use paid website traffic.
  • Use paid links to point to the website

All the above techniques come under Black Hat SEO.


SEO is an important part of ranking your website but the most difficult to do it. On-page SEO is easy to understand and implement but the hardest part is off-page SEO. 

We have learned the techniques of doing SEO and the most recommended way is to do White Hat SEO. Never go to any such spammy website to make backlinks.

Some people sell such backlinks on outsourced platforms like Fiverr but it is advisable not to go for any of these. Here in this guide, we learned about the types of SEO and the techniques used to implement SEO, but the important part of all is about finding the right keywords. Do you know how to do keyword research?

Here is a guide on keyword research, it will help you to use free tools to find less competitive keywords to rank in SERP. This is the end of the ultimate guide on types of SEO and you have learned what SEO means.

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If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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