Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research For Blog Post

Every blogger always researches less competitive, easier-ranked keywords with less difficulty, because organic traffic can be brought from search engines.

Keyword Research in SEO plays a very important role in blogging and ranking your website. What is Keyword Research, this question will come to your mind. In this post, I will explain how keyword research for blog posts is free.

What is the Best Rank Keyword Research? You should get some technique for this because doing the right keyword research is no easy task and even if you get it, you cannot say 100% whether the keyword research you have done will work for your website or not. 

If you are a content writer and you run a blog or website, then doing keyword research is very important for you. Today I will tell you some of such Best Techniques by which any Keyword Research will be very easy for you. 

The keyword is an important part of any content post, without content, you will not be able to write a good post nor your post will be ranked. So, if you are a Blog Writer, then it is very important for you to do Keyword Research.

Keyword research does not mean that you write content on a keyword with less difficulty and you think that now it will rank in the search engine, then you can be somewhat wrong. Because search optimization is necessary to rank any post.

There are many Tools for Keyword Research, before Best Keyword Research, do we know what is a keyword? In addition, why best optimization is important for ranking.

What Is a Keyword in SEO? 

In simple words, a keyword is a specific query, which is searched.

What is an Affiliate if you type in the search engine? So what is Affiliate is the Keyword for Search Engines. Keyword Research For Blog Posts

Today, Google has become the world’s largest search engine, because 75% of the searches are those that are done only on Google.

Every online page on the Internet is indexed in Google Search Engine. Google Engine gives each Post a Specific Ranking Position according to its keywords.

You will be surprised to know that if you type in Google search engine then what Affiliate is. So, you will see that millions of ranking posts are ranked on this Keyword but Google shows you only 20 pages.

However, have you known how Google decides which page or which post should be on which ranking position?

The answer is that 20 website pages that are in the top-ranking position in Google build their content by targeting only a specific keyword and their focus is on whatever query a user searches.

Google has 250+ parameters and is adding the most searchable keywords in search engines along with the quality of the content all the time.

If you want to rank your website on a keyword, then you need to find keywords with less difficulty.

If your post is ranked number 1 in Google on a specific keyword, around 30-40% of Google traffic also brings the rest of your keywords and posts to the top ranking, increasing organic traffic to your site.

Conversely, if you create content on High difficult Keywords, then Organic Traffic can hardly come to your website.

Every search engine has a crawler, which indexes a position in the search engine according to the keywords you have given to your website posts.

This indexing position completes your post on a temporary basis, which goes up and down all the time.

Do you know how your published post ranks on Google? In addition, how would you check a specific keyword?

How long does a Keyword take time to Rank?

I am explaining this in detail because Keyword Research is not an easy task, in any Keyword Research you have to check her priority and whether she will rank or not.

No one can tell whether a specific keyword will rank, because similar keywords are already ranked in Google’s top pages, that too with good content. But alas!! By using some SEO tools, you can find up to a level how many specific ranking keywords are ranked.

This SEO Tool tells you the difficulty score of any keyword, from which you can decide whether your keyword can fall to this ranking position.

Here I have told you some such points from which you can do the Best Keyword Search.

  • Keyword Difficulty

Many SEO tools give a default score of any of your specific keywords that range between 0-100.

With a low score, you can easily rank and if the score is around 100, it can be very difficult to rank it on the keywords, SEO tools, which determine the SEO score of which sites are already in the top position Are on

In the Keyword difficulty, you also have to keep in mind the back-links of the Top Ranking Pages.

  • Keyword Search Value

In this, it tells you the average number of searches on a keyword, which you can check by selecting the past time, as well as many tools that show you global and country voice searches.

If you target a specific keyword, you should check its search volume so that you can determine the position of organic traffic and search engines.

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Keyword Research for Blog Post

Now let us get to the point, how to do Keyword Research in SEO? How to do research on keywords.

I will tell you an easy way that I am using myself; you can do very good keyword research very easily by following some easy steps.

Simply put, if you want to find a keyword, then use Google Search Engine. Google has become the largest and most developed search engine of all time. 

Google Suggest 

Whenever you have to write a post, to find out the keywords, you should make the topic of your post topic-based keyword so that you can get a good keyword.

A based keyword means the keyword that represents your niche (subject).

For example, if you want to write on healthy living, then the keywords based on this would be exercise and diet.

So, if you type in Google “Cryptocurrency is“, then Google will automatically give you some suggestions like

Beginner's Guide To Keyword Research For Blog Post

That’s done, now you have to scroll down this page, in the bottom, you will find more suggestions that Google suggests to you, which are related to, what you have based on keywords like

So, you can see, Google shows us the most searchable keywords in 2 ways.

Now you have to do this, you can write a post on the keyword suggested by Google, you have to select that keyword, and then put that keyword once again in Google search.

So, Google can show us by converting that keyword to a long-tail keyword. Long-Tail Keyword means adding additional words to your keyword, which reduces SEO difficulty.

For example, I select “cryptocurrency mining” from Google Suggest

So Google would suggest something like this back to you –

Now you can see how many most searchable keywords Google is giving you, now again choose any of these keywords on which you can write a post.

Now you can just see how we moved from keyword-based “cryptocurrency” which has now become a long-tail keyword like “cryptocurrency mining software“.

Right now we cannot say that we have done keyword research, now we have to check the search volume, SEO Difficulty, and CPC of this keyword so that we can decide whether our keyword will rank in the Google search engine or not.

For that, we will use the Free SEO Tool, which is “Uber Suggestion”. Those who do not know Uber Suggest telling them that this is a free SEO tool, using which you can do free keyword research.

Uber Suggest 

Uber Suggest It is a free SEO tool that can compete with any Paid SEO tool in terms of features and research.

This makes your keyword research easier; its search data comes directly from the Google search engine’s API.

The Uber suggestion also shows you search volume with the same SEO difficulty, CPC rate, whatever post you want to post on that keyword, then how much post ranking is already on that keyword, it also shows that you write posts on the same keyword. So how many backlinks do you have to make for ranking?

Using this we can do keyword research very easily, now I will tell you how to do it…

We extract the description of the keyword that we have received from Google suggestions, such as search volume, low difficulty keyword, etc.

So, you have to go to Uber’s suggestion and select the country like I choose English/India. Now put that keyword in the search bar of Uber suggestion, which we came to know in Google suggestion.

Now you will have some interface show in which you will show all the details of that keyword –

And you can see the “cryptocurrency mining software” This keyword Google suggested to us, the search volume of the keyword is around 880, the difficulty of SEO is only 74 which is low and CPC is ₹18.90.

Along with this, Uber’s suggestion also tells you that if you take the related keyword, it also tells you its details.

Now you can create your post on this keyword. And you must have understood how to do Keyword Research. How do research keywords?

Note – Whenever you do, Keyword Research then must use Google Search Engine; this is what Top Searchable Keyword tells you. Always change your keywords to long-tail keywords, this will reduce the search volume of your keywords but increase your chances of ranking.

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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