Complete Guide: What is VPN? How to use VPN on android?

Who doesn’t like the Internet? It delivers information, answers, and entertainment to you in seconds. But the internet also has some flaws that make you insecure online. Hackers and advertisers take full benefit of this.

But you can make the internet more secure and more private with the help of a VPN. So let’s know why VPN is an important tool to protect your privacy, how to use VPN on android phone and what is the easiest way to set it up. If needed, we can use VPN on any device like mobile, laptop, computer, or tablet, so let’s know.

What is VPN? How to use VPN?

The full form of VPN is a “Virtual Private Network“. It is used as a VPN to access blocked websites and hide your browsing activity on public Wi-Fi. Virtual Private Network helps you to make a secure and strong connection to another network on the Internet.

By sending your traffic through special servers and encrypting your data, VPNs hide your online activity and protect you from many threats on the Internet – from hacker attacks to the sale of data, identity theft, and more.

This is especially used when a website has been blocked in our country, in which case a VPN is needed to access the website. As there are many such movie sites in India that are banned, if you search them directly on Google then you cannot access that site. But if you use a VPN then you can easily access those movie sites and download movies from there.

A VPN is a private network through which Internet users can access any network in the world. By using VPN, you get an IP address from a network company, from that IP address, you can access any network in the world.

Friends, suppose has been banned in our country, so if you want to open this website, then you can open this website by going to another country’s network through VPN, then understand it.

Why are VPNs Necessary?

VPN is mainly used for the following purposes.

  • VPNs are used by various companies to securely transfer data in business, thereby reducing the chances of hackers hacking the data as the data is transferred secretly.
  • VPN is used to access a site bypassing geographic restrictions.
  • Through VPN, the user can hide his real location, thereby reducing the chances of hackers accessing the location and stealing data.
  • In addition, you can hide your browsing activity from local networks and Internet service providers.
  • VPN becomes very important while using torrent sites, through which we are able to access torrent files from other countries’ networks.

Advantages of VPN

  • Using VPN, You can hide your real IP address. Through its VPN server, it changes the IP of your computer.
  • Using VPN encrypts your data and sends it so that your data is safe even on public Wi-Fi.
  • Using VPN, Servers of any country can be used, due to which our location remains hidden.
  • Using VPN Can access websites blocked by the government.
  • Using VPN, Find the best deals online in different countries. What Is VPN

Disadvantages of VPN

  • Most good VPNs are not free to use.
  • Using a VPN Can reduce your internet speed.
  • Using a VPN, Many free VPN services can misuse your data.
  • Using this network, hackers can also hide their identities.

How to use VPN on android?

Friends, many such applications will be found on the Play Store that allow you to use VPN for free.

If you are a mobile user then you will get the choice of various VPN apps on the store. Which is free and its interface is quite easy to use.

Although there are some best VPN apps for which you have to pay for their service, here we will talk about free VPN apps that you can install on your mobile and stay connected to VPN.

  1. Faster & Safer Internet
    This VPN makes your Internet more private and safer.
  2. SuperVPN Free VPN Client
    SuperVPN is a totally free VPN client. Easy to use, one-click to connect to the VPN.
  3. Secure VPN-Safer Internet
    Secure VPN is a lightning-fast app that provides a free VPN service. Not needing any configuration, just simply clicking one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.
  4. Turbo VPN – Secure VPN Proxy
    This VPN is also a free and unlimited VPN proxy, which provides you with a fast VPN connection and stable VPN servers.
  5. Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy
    This is also a free VPN proxy that protects your online privacy and security while accessing the Internet.

So, guys, you can install any of these apps, this VPN makes your Internet more private and safer. Using this you can connect to the Internet securely anytime, anywhere.

I personally use a free VPN called BrowsecVPN, now I am telling you how to set up a BrowsecVPN Mobile Application.

Step 1: Install BrowsecVPN App.

Step 2: Open the app and create a free account.

Step 3: Select the location and click on Connect.

Now VPN is enabled on your mobile.

Note: This app provides you with 11 server locations in a free account.

How to use a VPN on a computer?

There is various VPN software available on the internet like ExpressVPN, DotVPN, Hotspot Shield, BrowsecVPN, etc. But mostly good VPN services are paid. If you are using Windows 10 software, then you will get the option of VPN by default.

Process of using Browsec VPN

If you are a normal user then you can use its free version.

Step 1: Visit the official website of BrowsecVPN and click on Install Browser for free. It is a browser extension, which can be used in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and iOS. Now click on Add to Chrome.

Step 2: A popup will open in front of you, here click on Add Extension.

Step 3: Now click on the browser extension icon and clicking on the On button at the bottom will enable your VPN.

Step 4: Here the default server is the Netherlands, if you want to change the server location then click on the Change button.

In the free version of Browsec, you get four virtual locations. 

The Bottom line

It is necessary to have a VPN for any internet user who cares about their privacy and security. Even with all the convenience that comes with the Internet, the dangers that come with it are something that you should not ignore.

Data breaches, government surveillance, and cyber crime are becoming more common. By using a good VPN, you can stay safe no matter what you are doing online. I hope to post what a VPN is. This will be helpful for you and will be helpful to keep your data safe in the future.

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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