How to Start A Blog? Easy Guide for Beginners

In today’s time, everyone wants to make a blog because blogging has become a good earning platform in today’s times. If you also want to know what this blog is? How to start a blog?

So guys you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find full information related to blogging in which I explained what exactly blogging is and how you can start blogging.

What is a blog?

Whenever you do some search on Google, whatever result comes there, it is a blog.

If you have any kind of information and whether it is information in any field and you share your experience with people through your website and keep writing posts continuously, then it is called blogging.

In simple words, A blog is a kind of website. In which you can write down your knowledge and share that knowledge with people on the online platform, is called blogging.

At the same time, you can share all your things, and information on the blog, and write down everything you want to tell people.

Social media is also a good platform to share your views today, but there is a kind of restriction on these platforms, if you create a blog of yours, it is completely under your control, you are the owner of it, and because of this, you can open up your opinion.

Another advantage of creating a blog is that anyone who reads whatever you share can react by writing a comment. In which a kind of relationship is formed between the reader and you.

Another thing is that when you create a blog post, the latest post is first visible to the user in all your posts.

This means that the first post that will be written at the last as if you have written a post today will be seen by the user first on your blog website and the rest of the old post will be seen after that.

Now you must have understood what happens to the blog. Now I will tell you… Who can do blogging?

Who can do blogging?

Blogging can be done by a person who is fond of writing and who knows how to be patient because you do not get instant success in blogging, but if you do good work then you definitely get success.

You have to do a little good work on the blog and work smartly and in blogging, you have to work regularly so that Google thinks that this person is updated daily, and keeping that in mind his article is slow. Gradually it starts ranking on Google and good traffic starts coming from there.

What should the blog contain?

The blog should have your own written unique content along with a copyright-free image related to your post, which I think you can create yourself. 

It has a good effect on the user if you use your own language in your post. Because when you write a post in your language, you can easily share your information with the user.

At the same time, there must be an option to comment at the bottom of the post after the post so that a user can write if he or she has to ask something or take some advice.

Secondly, do give the share option so that if a user likes a post, he can also share it with his friends. Now I will tell you… How to start a blog?

How to start a blog?

It is very easy to start blogging, in this you do not need many things, you just have to take a domain and a web hosting and after that, you have to connect both of them and install WordPress and install a good theme, now your website is ready.

Now you can share your experience, your knowledge on that website, whatever field you have experience in, write and publish it as an article when people will like your article, your website will grow very fast and when your website grows, your earning will also start.

What is Domain?

The domain is the address of any website and we know that address by the name of that website, the name of the domain can be anything, you can choose your website name accordingly, by what name your website should be known.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting means launching your website on the Internet. So that your website can also be shown on the search engine and any internet user can easily read the content you are publishing. Web hosting helps you to publish your website on the web.

This is the place where you store the database of your blog/website and with the help of these software programs, your website shows 24×7 hrs. On the Internet.

Hosting provides you with many companies, you can take the hosting of that company according to you, but we would recommend that you take Hostinger’s hosting because from here you will get very good service and get it very cheap, you can check out Hostinger’s latest plans here.

How to write a blog?

If you are an expert in a field and have good knowledge of that field, you can write about it and tell people about it, which is called blogger or blogging. 

For blogging, you need to have knowledge of one thing, one field.  You should be an expert in one field such as you are interested in travel. You should have knowledge of good travel tourism; you can write about it and tell people about it.

If you’re digital marketing or affiliate marketing expert, you can write about that thing.

In simple words, you should write about any field you have good knowledge of and the subject on which you can provide regular information.

How to earn money from a blog? 

In today’s internet world, everyone wants online earnings. Although there are many ways to make money online, blogging on this platform has become very popular for online earning.

Blogging has become a business as well as a career in today’s times.

The blog is a kind of website. But this is different from the rest of the website because you can write a post or article in the blog and all these posts are public displays so that anyone can read any post on your website.

In the recent past, blogging websites have become so advanced that you may find it difficult to understand if this blog is a website or not.

There are many popular blog websites where the home page is different and whatever blog posts are on a different “Blog” page, and when you click on that blog section, you see all the posts, and all the articles in that blog.

I think now you must have understood what a blog is, so let us now come straight to the point of how to make money by making a Blog.  Because if you don’t know how to make money from a blog, why would you like to create a blog website?

So guys, let me tell you first of all what can be the Business Model of blogging, and how you can make money out of blogging.

Business Model of Blogging

  • Advertisement Network: In today’s time, most blogs have a business model of an advertisement network, which means any article post you read gives you information, and knowledge for free, but instead shows you the promotion or advertisement and makes money from the blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing: It has also become a very good income source nowadays. If you create your blog in affiliate marketing, you will start making too much money very soon, and so on, to tell the truth, you can make a lot of money with this method. If you want to know what Affiliate Marketing is, I have already written well about it, which you can read… Affiliate Marketing: In simple language? post.
  • Direct Advertisement: What happens in this? The company that has to advertise will contact you directly instead of going to the advertisement network and if you want, you can also make money by showing on your site advertise that company. Make Money on Blog Make Money on Blog Make Money on Blog Make Money on Blog 
  • Other: There are many ways to earn money from blogging such as Brand Promotion, Guest Posting, EBooks Selling, Online courses, and Sell Your Service.

Therefore, these were the three ways you can make money by blogging. Now you must have understood in which way you can earn money from a Blog.

The benefit of blogging, in my opinion, is that if you start blogging now and continue it, you can earn a lot of money here and from here you can also make your identity, and you can do many things through your website.

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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