How to Create Privacy Policy Page for Website?

If you are going to start blogging, or your blogging journey has started, then it is very important to have some important pages for your blog or website if you want to make your successful blog or website.

Because when it comes to earning money from blogs, it is mandatory to have a main page in your blog, of which the privacy policy page is included, so new bloggers often search for how to create privacy policy page on the internet. What is a privacy policy?

Because without a privacy policy page, your site is incomplete because this page is the most important part of your blog/website which explains what your site is and how it should be used, etc.

So in this article, we will give you detailed information about how to create a privacy policy page, which will know why it is important to create a privacy policy page.

And how to create a privacy policy page, so let’s start the article without delay and know.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page

What is the Privacy Policy Page?

In simple words, this is the page of your blog and website, which provides information related to the website to the readers.

For example, what information do you take from readers and how do you use that information? So if we understand it in brief.

“Visitors are informed through the privacy policy page of what we are doing to see visitors to our website”

Now you may be wondering here why it is necessary for a blog or website to have a privacy policy page.

Creating a privacy policy page can be beneficial to you for 2 reasons.

Yes, first of all, this policy page establishes a better environment on the internet for your blog, as this page describes what information you are collecting from visitors.

And how you use that information leads to a better relationship between your blog and visitors, as they learn about your privacy policy.

In addition, the privacy policy reflects the rules and regulations of your blog, which are required to be accepted by visitors.

Friends, in this way, you must have understood a little about the importance of the privacy policy page, now before creating a privacy policy page, it is also very important to know how to create a privacy policy page.

And also one thing you have to keep in mind is that along with Google and other search engines, google AdSense, which is the main advertising platform from where monetization is done through ads in blogs, also likes a privacy policy.

For example, many times AdSense is not approved in a blog because that page does not include a privacy policy and other important pages, so creating a privacy policy page also becomes very important for you.

Now, I will tell you how you can Generate a Privacy Policy Page for your Website with the help of this site.

The Privacy Policy Page is very important for any website and for any Visitor. I will suggest a tool website for this. Because of that website, I have created a Privacy Page for my website.

That tool’s website name is Privacy Terms. I have given the link below.

Privacy Terms [100% FREE, Latest Updates]🕵️‍♀️

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page?

  1. Click on the link above, you will go to the homepage of that Tool website then you have to click this option GENERATE PRIVACY POLICY
  2. Now you will see some Plans, you select FREE Privacy Policy (Basic) Plan. And Click on Get Free Privacy Policy.
  3. Then you will interface see three Sections. Basic Information, Choose a Section and Add Your Own Term

You have to fill in your website’s basic information all over the Section.

  • Basic Information

In this, you have to insert your Website Name, Website Address, Email ID, and Telephone Number.

Then you have to select, whether your website is a Business Website, or Personal Blog, Facebook Page, or Online Store. In you have a Blog Website so you have to Enable the Personal Website option and Click Continue. The rest of the information is optional.

  • Choose Sections

It is a very important section, you have to check or uncheck the term you need for your website, and you have to keep some default check term default if you have an Advertisement show on your website, you option check the Advertisement or uncheck it.

Additionally, if you want to do something section add, you can do it as if you want to do something. e-commerce, Affiliate-Disclosure, and Business Transfers if you do not know about all of these, do not check them. Then you have to click Continue.

  • Add Your Own Term

In this section, you have to insert your website name, then Add Your Own Term optional, in the term section that you can add in your Privacy Policy Page term you want. Then you have to Click on Get document.


Now you have to copy that source code and paste this Code by making a New Page of Privacy Policy name in your Blog Website Account pages section. If you want just text without code, you will also get the option of this Plain Text.

Therefore, in this way, using the tool website you can create a free privacy policy page. So, you can also create TERMS & CONDITIONS and DISCLAIMER pages using the above instructions.

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