How Much Does Google AdSense Pay For View Or Click

If you are the owner of any website then you must have known about AdSense and you must have wanted to know cs for every view or click on your website. If your answer is yes, then in the post we will discuss what Google AdSense is, how it is working, and how much money pays for each view or click.

This post is mainly for all those bloggers or website owners who are planning to start their successful blogging journey with passive source income. First, I will give you brief information about what is Google AdSense. After that, we will note how much does Google AdSense pays. 

What is Google AdSense?

Google platform is one of the largest search engines in the world, with about 1/3 of all search engine traffic going only on Google. Due to its popularity and daily traffic, it has also become a major source for all advertising companies. That is why Google has started Google AdWords to run an ad campaign on Google searched traffic.

You, any company, or I may register and create your own campaign to run ads on the displayed pages of the Google search engine. This means that Google AdWords is a way for an advertiser to publish or promote an ad on content searched for in the Google search engine. But, what about the blogger who is doing their website and sharing their creativity on the internet, those content creators?

Compared to Google AdWords run by advertisers to make ads visible, anyone can see ads on your website if they search for your domain name on the Google search engine. If your website is approved by Google AdSense to view those Google campaign ads based on keywords, SEO ads will be displayed in the middle of the content of your posts. 

If someone is reading your website post or content, and if he clicks on the ads displayed among the content of your post. You then get some revenue as a content publisher or content creator, specified by Google AdWords, while any advertiser creates a campaign. To publish Google Ads on your website first, you will need approval for your website with Google AdSense, here are some tips to get quick AdSense approval.

Top 6 AdSense Approval Trick

So, in the second term, Google AdSense runs a partner program between the actual content creator and the Google ad network. If your website is approved, it means that Google will start publishing ads on your website, and if those ads are clicked, Google adds the revenue amount generated to your Google AdSense account wallet.

In simple words, Google AdSense is a platform where we get revenue for our creativity as content creators. However, Google AdWords is a place where you can register and create a campaign if you want to advertise something about your product.

These ads will be displayed on your created content post and after clicking on them, the revenue will be generated for you and Google in a predetermined ratio.

I hope you understand what the differences between Google AdSense and Google AdWords are. Now let us discuss how much Google AdSense pays for the searched content of this blog or website. How much does it? 

How much does Google AdSense Pay?

Google AdSense is the way to generate passive income; No doubt about it, but you would also know that you could earn more than $10 from a single click on ads, but how? This post highlights all the aspects of how much Google AdSense really pays.

Many of us do not get to know how and how much revenue is distributed for our page views.

What Are Page Views?

Pageviews in Google AdSense, that is the pages of your website on which Google ads are displayed.

Sometimes it happens; your actual website is completely filled with this post. At that time there was no ad load or display on your page due to an ad-block problem or internet slow speed, in that case, it is not page view count.

Page views will be recorded only when the user is reading your post and ads are being displayed on the same page. 

What Are the Impressions?

Impressions represent the number of ads displayed on your visited pages.

Let us tell you if you have written a long content of about 3000 words. Where the ads were displayed in five bars in the middle of the content, on the sidebar, and five bars at the top of the content.

So the result is that the total impressions are 10 per view, thus impressions are the number of ads displayed on your entire website. To make it more clear, that a single user is reading a single post in which 10 ads were displayed, Google counts this as one view with 10 impressions.

What are Clicks and CTR?

Clicks mean how many clicks have been recorded on the ads displayed on the post.

For example, if a user visits a post on your website, and you have displayed some ads in that post. While reading the post, if the user clicks on the ad, which is being displayed anywhere on the post, it is counted as a click.

CTR stands for Click-through Rate, which is the percentage of the number of clicks recorded by comparing you to the number of page views.

(Number of Clicks /Page Views) *100 = CTR

I hope you have understood what Click and CTR are, and now that we are close to knowing how much Google pays us before we understand one more thing which is RPM and CPC. What happens? 

What is CPC?

CPC means Cost per Click, which is a vitally important factor for any Google AdSense to generate revenue. It defines how much amount you will get if there are any clicks on the ads displayed on your web page.

CPC is the cost of any advertisement appearing on your post, CPC is determined by the campaign creator or advertiser in Google AdWords. The campaign creator will determine if there is a click per ad, he is willing to pay the content creator any specific amount.

What is Page RPM?

RPM means Revenue per Mile, which in simple words shows the cost of ads displayed for every 10000 impressions.

Just N Example, you have got about 10000 impressions, which will be your RPM to CPC from 10$ estimated amount of all ads displayed.

It is calculated as your estimated revenue divided by the number of page views and multiplied by 1000.

Page RPM = (Estimated Earnings/Page Views) *1000

Let us say, your estimated earnings of 50 page views are 1$, i.e. RPM will be (1/50) * 1000 = 20$.

I hope now you are able to understand CPC, RPM, Page Views, and Clicks in a simple and better way, now our main point comes how much Google AdSense pays you.

Factors to Display Ads

Google AdSense earnings depend on many factors, the most important of which is the type of ad that is displayed on your post or content page.

This content creator does not select ads; Google automatically displays them on your content based on various parameters.

The Niche of the Website

In addition, what you are writing as a blogger will decide what type of ads will be displayed on your blog posts. If you are writing about generic ideas that do not have any such marketing value, that means they will show low CPC ads.

However, if you have downloaded internet products, technical points, insurance, gadgets, reviews, etc., which have high marketing demand, and have more competition on the campaign, ads with higher CPC will appear on them.

So, the selection of niche decides your AdSense earning potential.

Selection of the Right Keyword

When we discussed Google AdWords during campaign creation, there are also some criteria to set up a campaign for a specific keyword. The advertiser has chosen marketing as the keyword, and for this, he is ready to pay around $10 per click in CPC.

That is if you have written your post related to marketing and Google is doing indexed keyword marketing in it, then only your page will be eligible to display those ads to which your keyword is related. Otherwise, Google will display another suitable ad on your page, which will have some impact on your revenue.

Hence, selecting the right keywords is an important factor to generate more AdSense revenue.It de ides two major criteria: how much you can earn through Google AdSense, and now you will understand how much Google AdSense pays per view.

Google AdSense Payout

When you visit the Google AdSense dashboard for your approved account, the revenue amount generated for your website based on CPC, Clicks, and RPM will be added to your wallet regularly.

Let us say you got 10 clicks for today, where the average CPC was around one$, resulting in you earning 10$ for today.

The CPC count will be average here, as not all ads displayed on your page will have the same CPC, some may be higher, although some may be less.

So, in total, this 10$ will be your estimated earning and it will be added to your wallet but what if you will not get many clicks? In those cases, you will be paid for impressions as some advertisers do their campaigns just to not get clicks.

In such a situation, if the reader is reading your post, and ads are coming to that page, you will still earn revenue from those ads. No one can give an exact idea of ​​how much Pay per Click is, but yes in 2 ways you can consider an amount as Pay Per Click i.e. CPC and RPM so that you can add good ad revenue to your account.

To get an actual calculation of how much you can earn and what CPC will come to your website, you should take AdSense approval and check yourself.

Therefore, CPC and RPM are the only major criteria, which ensure earning, to increase CTR you have to focus on ad placement.

Along with this, to increase the RPM, you have to focus on the right Niche and Keyword Research. The higher the CPC of Ads, the higher the revenue.


Google AdSense, is the single most legitimate way to get guaranteed payment for your online earnings, yes, when you first create an account, your withdrawal limit will be 100$. You will need to verify your address to get approval and most importantly strictly follow the Google AdSense policy.

If you are running any website that follows the policy of Google AdSense then you will get AdSense approval very soon. The choice of ads will be entirely in the hands of Google, which has its own parameters that determine which pages of the website ads should be displayed.

But, to increase the CTC, placement will be in your hands to display the advertisement on your webpage as you can manually generate the ad code and place it wherever you want.

You have to choose High Profile Niches like Health, Insurance, and Technology Services and target the right Keyword in the post, which will be able to generate high AdSense revenue. I hope you got how much does Google AdSense pay? I think Google AdSense is the best passive income source, what do you think, tell us in the comment box.

If you have any queries or advice regarding this post, feel free to write in the comment box, we respect your every comment and are committed to answering your asked questions. If you think this knowledge should be shared with someone else, share it in all your groups, thank you.

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