Top 10 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners to Rank on Google

SEO is very important for a website, without it, the website cannot be ranked. In this article, I am sharing those 10 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners. You will know about SEO and apply it to your website.

Top 10 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

  • Content Writing 

Google Search Engine has been much updated now, the search engine of Google now prefers only unique content. If you copy content from another website and put it on your site, or translate someone’s content, Google detects it very quickly. Therefore, you always have to write your own unique content.

The most simple way for Content Writing is to write content in your own language so that you can write in your style, with your creativity so that you can write well, and your content will be your own unique. And one of the things you have to write your blog on is the topic you have good knowledge of because blogging it’s not a 4-5 day job you have to do it for a very long time so writing content is very unique.

  • Internal Linking

When we make a post on our website, we don’t internally link our post, it’s a very wrong habit. You have to internally link your post so that the user can move from your link to another post on your website so that your website will increase traffic and your website will bounce faster.

  • Keyword Research

Whenever you do keyword research for your post, you do not have to set it as it is in your post, you have to make your keyword longer and make your post on it.

Example: If you have a keyword, Affiliate Marketing you have to set this keyword a little longer in your post. In Affiliate Marketing 2020, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, and Advanced Affiliate Marketing you have to make your keyword in such a way that your keyword will be different from others as compared to the short keyword, which will increase your chances in Google ranking, and your CPC will be good.

  • Anchor Text

Whenever you create anchor text, you do not give 3-4 links to your website in the same post. Do not make the anchor text the same. You always have to give the same anchor text, and you add that link once. If you give 3-4 links to another post in one of your posts, you must take care that this can be Spam the way of Google.

You must know Google Analytics & Google Console that you always have to use them. In these, you should add your website so that you can see what is coming from traffic in your website, from the search engine, or from the search engine, and also from time to time, you will know how much live traffic is on your website.

  • Sitemap

If you know sitemaps, there are sitemaps of two types. The first one is an HTML sitemap and the second one is an XML sitemap, which XML sitemap is the most important. Whenever you create your website, Google Analytics checks traffic on your website that is via your website’s sitemap and must submit in Google Search Console.

This will show you in Google Search Console whenever you error your website so that you can fix that error and rank your website back to Google.

  • Regular Posting

No matter what your website Blogger or WordPress, you always have to make a post in its Regularly, keep adding content, and keep your website’s daily updates. Blogging is not a 4-5 day job, you have to time your websites like a job or business.

  • Auditing

Auditing means that if your post is ranked on 2 number in Google, a few days later you check that it has now gone to 6 or 7 number, at that time you need to find out if your post ranking decreased and you have to on any page SEO that posts back and updates that article with some new information from the back.

  • On-Page SEO & Keyword Placement

It is very important for On-Page SEO when you are writing an article, you should take care that On-Page SEO will increase your chances of ranking in Google. At the same time, keyword placement means you should highlight the keyword you are writing your post on a specific location in your posts such as the Title, Main Heading, First Paragraph, or Middle Part.

  • My Opinion

Friends, when you create a blog website, you have to keep a little patience, you must be thinking that you made some post and we got Ad-sense approval, but if we don’t have traffic on our website, it doesn’t happen, you have to give some time for your website ranking. At the same time, I mentioned these Top 10 Best SEO Tips.

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